Different authentication methods out of the box

  • Policy Page Login: Users get access by accepting policy
  • User Login: Users login with user account created by a front desk or an administrator
  • SMS Login: Users get token sent by SMS
  • Email Login: Users get token sent over email
  • Token Login: Users login with a token printed from a thermal printer.
  • Facebook Login: Users login with their Facebook credentials. Enforced "Like us" also available

End users can customise their hotspot.

  • Add advertisements and offers with the web page editor using pictures and text
  • Form fields can easily be added & removed for additional data collection
  • End users can take full advantage of CSS style sheets to get fully customized look

Other features include

  • Turn your hotspot into a marketing tool by collecting data. Available with all authentication methods.
  • Present users with offers based on the collected data.
  • MAC address “by pass” feature for employees using the network
  • Splash screen during login – allowing for more than one authentication method at the same time
  • Live session view and history

Fully managed online portal for resellers

  • Resellers can manage and get an overview of all their end-user customers
  • Ability to customise end-user customer hotspot settings and appearance for increased service level
  • Add advertisements to log-in pages, pass on support information or collect data for marketing purposes for your customers