Security measures

Powerful Security Appliances

GuestAir is a wireless guest authentication system designed to integrate into any wireless system where there is a Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance. The system integrates fully into any network using SonicWALL’s Lightweight Hotspot Messaging support regardless of access points being deployed. The system is fully compatible with any services being deployed on the SonicWALL such as web filtering, IPS, AD integration and more.

GuestAir allows distributors and resellers to add value to their service offerings to any customer, generating service level agreements and consultancy while creating value for their end user customers. The solution is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud but can also be provided on premise where needed. Distributors and service providers can manage their customer from an online web portal where they can choose different authentication methods, customize log in pages, collect data from users using the network and put advertisements on the log in pages.

The modular design of the system and built in ability for customisations allows the system to be deployed in nearly any situtation or environment, from Hotels to Stadiums, Bars to Restaurants and Cafe’s, Public municipalities where multiple logins and wireless fronts must be provided.

Whilst not mandatory

Some guest houses and hotels acknowledge that guest Wi-Fi services provide many benefits and by properly installing and securing Wi-Fi, hotels can gain not only a competitive advantage but also a rapid return on their investment. For instance, hotels can offer promotions and paperless coupons for guests when they arrive and log on.

Wi-Fi can encourage repeat business and help to fill underutilised dining space for guests who like to connect wirelessly while they dine. Further more, Wi-Fi adds the productivity of wireless network access for business operations, ranging from employees taking orders using wireless point-of-sale (POS) device to managers wirelessly accessing inventory and supply chain systems.

Before rushing to install Wi-Fi

In your hotels, make sure it is safe. You should place a priority on becoming compliant not only with BKC’s guest Wi-Fi policy, but also the Payment Card Industry Council Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), which is regulated and enforced by the credit card brands (e.g., Visa, Mastercard and American Express). In fact, any Wi-Fi installation that is not compliant with BKC’s guest Wi-Fi policy and PCI DSS is also likely to be insecure and inadequate for your guests.

Coping with the new

Realities of today’s economic climate requires hotels to sharpen their focus on what matters most, and to commit their organisation to a short but strategic priority lists. The first step is deciding priorities: labour, inventory, financial management or IT management. The next step, which is a crucial one is managing all of these priorities with impeccable execution and flawless efficiency. As new threats and dangers of the internet appear every day, security and innovation grows and the hospitality industry must avoid becoming another casualty when it comes to data breaches or illegal content being downloaded on their network.